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Kia introduced millions to Robo Dog during the Super Bowl. 14Four brought that friend home to millions more.

It takes a digital village to create a campaign as immersive as the one surrounding Kia’s all-electric EV6 launch, and we were honored to be collaborators. David and Goliath helped introduce Robo Dog to the world during the Super Bowl with this commercial. They came to 14Four to create an immersive augmented reality experience that would allow animal lovers to bring Robo Dog into their own home, continuing – and growing – the Kia audience’s fully-charged connection to both the pet and the car.

The Challenge

Our Approach

How do you bring a TV asset (Robo Dog) to life and allow it to react in real time with audiences through gamification? Our challenge – to help users experience the joy of having their own Robo Dog pet – was accentuated by the fact real time 3D online is still fairly limited when compared to film and TV. Add to that the request to retain as much of the original fidelity of the TV spot Robo Dog as possible while adding even more detail and ability, and we were all hands on deck.

We kicked off by proposing a detailed system of interactions and activities based on fundamental gamification principles to create an engaging casual activity that audiences could enjoy. To get to this point we first had to explore, then break down, the fundamental aspects and goals of the user experience before mapping them out in detail. How do we get our audience to interact with this experience intuitively without a lot of tutorials or documentation? It needs to feel like play, not learning. What kinds of activities translate well to the AR space? How can we give the pet a personality that reacts to input in real time?

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