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A gem of a project for Lucky Charms

Some call it magic. We call it AR. Meet the ultimate outdoor AR adventure game that has fans on the hunt.

Ready, set, glow! When one of the longest running cereal brands asks you to create a family-friendly outdoor AR game, you make sure it’s magical. Lucky Charms – the cereal we all know and love for its multi-colored marshmallows and frosted oats – came to 14Four to create an immersive experience for consumers to promote the launch of a brand new Lucky Charm, the “Magic Gem”. Players would harness the hidden power of the Magic Gems on an adventure to locate Lucky’s missing charms.

The ultimate reward for one lucky sweepstakes winner? A playground makeover, glowing up their local park so kids can continue to play – even once the sun sets

The Challenge

Sometimes making things simple is the hardest challenge of all. The Magic Gems game needed to be easy for anyone to pick up, from the youngest to the oldest family members. It also needed to be played outside – ideally at a park – while being a safe, fun experience. And because the Magic Gem would give players the ability to “see in the dark”, we needed to magically bring night mode to a daytime experience.

Our Approach

The game called for an enhancement of the real world, without feeling removed from it. Luckily, our experience working with AR meant we knew exactly how to go about it. We spent a lot of time in the UX phase so we could really nail down all user interactions and asked ourselves a lot of questions: How do you create something that’s both intuitive and fun? How would a family play together? And how could we tie in the key elements of a local park, Magic Gems, and night mode, creating a consistent story?

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