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Cap'n Crunch goes 8 bit

Cereal cartoon mascot Cap’n Crunch and his crew were ready for a new adventure. We took the seven seas and turned them 8-bit for this fun new game.

Grab a bowl of Cap’n Crunch, and take a seat. Because this latest project was all about taking this fun, mega cereal brand on an entirely new adventure. One that would take the eclectic cast of characters from the Cap’n Crunch world – a world that carries a lot of brand equity – and cast them into their very own classic video game adventure. What’s more, this brand awareness campaign was tied to a ridiculously cool first prize – a Cap’n Crunch themed arcade cabinet game. 14Four was more than happy to dive in.

The Challenge

Our Approach

Storytelling is at the core of every video game, and we knew we needed to create a game that would be 100% true to the brand while telling an epic Cap’n Crunch tale. Equally important was deciding on the right art style for an adventure of this magnitude – something that would have universal appeal as it would be marketed to a wide range of players. We needed to bring all these factors into consideration before landing on the right approach.

We didn’t need to look much further than the classics to find inspiration for Cap’n Crunch’s new adventure. We’re talking Mario, Metroid, Sonic the Hedgehog. With as many years under his belt as these fellow well-loved characters, we felt a retro approach was the perfect fit. That meant it was old-school all the way with a retro pixel art style.

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