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Dare to enter the Dew Emporium

Enter the emporium of Mtn Dew’s spooky, Halloween-themed promotion – a website dedicated to their seasonal, spooky and mysterious Voo-Dew flavor.

Mountain Dew soft drinks, known for their bold flavors and brave attitude, wanted to launch their new seasonal drink Voo-Dew in a memorable way through an exciting and engaging Halloween themed landing page. By scanning purchased bottles of Voo-Dew with a mobile device, audiences would earn entries into sweepstake prizes all redeemable through the AR portal experience. We love a little spookiness around here, and were happy to jump in.

The Challenge

Our big focus was setting a high level of engagement with audiences before entering the AR experience, building anticipation and excitement through lots of animation. The site would need to house all the promotional information and upcoming prizes, as well as provide a portal for users to register and keep track of their account info.

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