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An All-Star Experience with MLB

Our friends at Wasserman wanted to connect with MLB fans by offering a unique experience at the All Star Game in LA. Through an immersive virtual bobblehead experience, 14Four helped make that a reality.

Focusing on fans love for the sport, we recognized a medium that has been widely popular for years – collectable memorabilia. Visitors got the chance to create their own personalized bobblehead to take away as an NFT or to print out as a traditional Topps trading card. The process of taking a selfie through to a 3D model took a lot of work but we were ready to step up to the plate.

The Challenge

Our Approach

We’re always looking to explore the full potential of digital, so we took the original concept and pushed it further by creating the bobbleheads in 3D, with multiple sculpted poses and customizable features. The goal? For users to snap a selfie and see it instantly converted to a 3D bobblehead they could customize with poses, jerseys/colors, and facial expressions. The experience needed to be available to children as well, so data collection best practices were non-negotiable.

We deployed the latest AI tech to ensure that from the physical booth at the MLB All-Star game to users’ personal cell phones, the entire experience was fun, engaging, and easy-to-do. And because the experience was also going to go live in London during the MLB Home Run Derby, we made sure everything was set up to function globally.