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Bringing an icon to the social stage

Our motion driven, rich-media campaign for Fender really struck a chord with their social followers.

The name Fender is synonymous with all things rock n’ roll. As creators of some of the world’s most iconic guitars, they’ve gathered a global audience that continues to grow with each new generation of budding musicians. And while live concerts still prove to be the best method for reaching their fans, Fender also wanted to engage with the next wave of artists using social media to share their sound. The 14Four roadies were honored to help craft and animate 3D renders of a beautiful collection of iconic guitars, so realistic, you might need help from Jimmy Page to tell them apart.

The Challenge

If you’ve ever held a Fender guitar in your hands, you’ll know that these finely-crafted instruments are built with an incredible attention to detail. Their design aesthetics are as premium as the price they command,and their fansa true artist will enjoy obsessing over every last dial and fret. Our 3D models demanded the same level of dedication, creating true to life replicas that would uphold the integrity of the brand while showcasing the beauty of each instrument.

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