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FIS wanted to bring a Metastore to the FIS Emerald X conference. 14Four created a first-of-its-kind shopping experience that blends the virtual and physical worlds.

FIS has long been trusted to move the world’s money around. They are the company behind Apple Pay, and they power four of the top five global crypto currency platforms. Always at the leading-edge of innovation, they wanted to create a virtual shopping experience at FIS Emerald X – the industry’s premier, global fintech conference – in partnership with renowned watchmaker, Timex. The goal? Provide a real-life example of how the virtual world could be the next step for business and payment solutions. That's how the idea of the Metastore was born. Because it bridges the gap between the metaverse and traditional retail environments, the Metastore allows customers to enjoy a digital shopping experience from start to finish.

The Challenge

Tasked with linking the digital with the real, we needed to explore concepts around shopping for digital assets at a physical popup store location. For many visitors, this would be their first encounter with the metaverse and the world of web3, and we needed to create a space that could stand out from the noise of the conference. Within the Metastore, visitors could receive free NFTs which would come alive through AR, or purchase a physical watch from within the digital realm.

Our Approach

14Four was responsible for the entire user journey. That meant we needed to consider every step of that path – from a customer walking into the Metastore, to interacting with the virtual merchandise, to potentially purchasing a product. Leaning on our digital interactive experience, we knew that AR was the best way forward to link the digital products to a physical location. We started out by visualizing the Metastore in 3D mock ups. This allowed us to explore the user experience and make adjustments as needed to achieve the perfect blend of digital and brick-and-mortar shopping behaviors.

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