Sr. Producer

Amanda Runkle has overcome overwhelming odds her entire life. Born on remote Pitcairn Island, Amanda toiled under the hot South Pacific sun from an early age. Her parents were charged with operating a small experimental farm. There they produced world class coffee for the D. Donut’s Corporation. After the Company scrapped the project and failed to pick up the family, they were forced to hand build a schooner that they sailed to Baja Mexico. There Amanda and her family began to smuggle knock-off designer handbags over the border, ultimately landing on the Border Patrol’s Most Wanted List. The entire family was captured in 2009 while attempting to smuggle Burstrawberry clutches into Arizona. Amanda’s father took the full wrap and she decided to make the transition to honest work. Hired in 2011 through 14Four’s Troubled Past Program, Amanda continues to make progress with putting her criminal history behind her.